Nadcap Accredited

Central Texas Heat Treating & Testing Inc. Quality Policy:

Central Texas Heat Treating and Testing, Inc. is committed to process our customers’ parts and to provide testing services in accordance with our customers’ specifications and requirements. Our goal is 100% on time delivery and zero errors in processing. In order to accomplish this goal we will focus on continuous improvement and invest in our employees, systems and facilities.

Contract Review


Central Texas Heat Treating and Testing, Inc. has established a documented procedure for the purpose of Contract Review. All requests for quotation and Purchase Orders received for the purpose of processing material are reviewed to determine if the customer’s requirements and expectations are clearly defined, and if the company has the ability and appropriate approvals to meet these requirements.


All requests for quotation and customer purchase orders (both written and verbal) deemed to be contracts are reviewed by designated trained personnel for the following elements as a minimum.

  • Check prime and military approvals for process specification(s) in order to verify all contract requirements can be met.
  • Requirements are clearly defined.
  • Customer required specifications are on file (current revisions).
  • Customer technique approval prior to RT and PT inspection.
  • Sufficient lead time has been assigned before processing is begun.
  • Specific quality test requirements/processes are defined. (Includes applicable type/class/grade/specification number, etc).
  • Special packaging and shipping requirements.

Any exceptions or deviations to customer requirements, proposals or contracts are resolved prior to acceptance of the contract. Change to a contract requires clear documentation by the authorizing personnel, prime or supplier.

Customer requirements not performed at our facility will not be covered under the scope of our Quality System. The customer is advised of this fact.

In-Process Inspection and Testing

Trained, qualified and certified personnel/operators shall perform inspections on NDI, RT (Room Temperature) tensile testing, thermal and temper verification phases, except in the case of complex or critical inspection requirements, when a member of Quality Control would be required to supervise and verify the inspection. In the case of accidental release of material appropriate procedures for recall of material would be followed.


Although we do not manufacture a product, we provide a service to our customers through our ndt and thermal processing (heat treating) procedures. As a result, our entire Quality System is our means of documentation and verification that we are meeting the specified requirements for service. All Quality Operating Procedures and Work Instructions have been developed, are documented and maintained for the purpose of providing this service with the highest quality possible for our customers.